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A Personal Shipping Plan

Your AVG shipping specialist works with you to create a personal timeline for your tradeshow schedule.
This ensures your shipment is handled on time, every time.

What to Expect From AVG

Before the first tradeshow we will:

  • Review your complete tradeshow schedule
  • Confirm all shipping detail deadlines
  • Create an optimal routing and timing schedule
  • Supply AVG bill of lading, and labels
  • Offer color-coded labels for multiple destinations
  • Establish your annual transportation budget
  • Analyze your current shipping system for efficiency and cost-effectivenes

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Why Ship with AVG?
We are Tradeshow Specialists
We focus directly on tradeshow customers and cater to your specific needs. Our familiarity with exhibition halls around North America ensures a smooth transition from tradeshow to tradeshow. You can always count on us to be there for you, giving you the same quality service at every location.

Our Special Tradeshow Systems
Tradeshow booths and collateral material are the only freight we transport, so we’re set up to handle the critical time and transit specifications unique to tradeshow freight. We can set up a customized shipping plan for your entire tradeshow circuit ensuring the best pricing, routing and schedule.

We Provide On-Site AVG Personnel
At larger shows we have our own expert staff available for your needs. We ensure our drivers are checked in at the marshalling yard. In addtion, we have our onsite coordinators on the dock to ensure the unloading or loading process runs smoothly.

On-The-Fly Services
We understand the world of tradeshows. Schedules, products and booth designs can change mid-circuit. We expect and plan for this. Our experts are always just one call or text away.

Move In Services

  • At larger shows we manage and direct the unloading of trucks at the dock.
  • We coordinate with show management along with the drayage companies, with whom we have strong, longstanding relationships.

Move Out Services

  • At larger shows, our staff is on-site to coordinate the loading of the trucks and verify the count and condition of each pallet, crate and case.
  • We assist with completing the drayage company’s paperwork.
  • We provide pre-printed AVG bill of lading, and shipping labels.

Full Service Freight Forwarder:
AVG transports by land, air and sea, domestically and internationally.

AVG offers air-ride trucks to ensure that your shipment travels from show to show as smoothly as possible. Remember, AVG staff is on-site at high volume trade shows to give your shipment the special attention it needs. AVG’s network offers the best equipment available in our industry today.  

You can ship your materials direct from show to show, back home, or transfer it to one of our nationwide storage facilities. These options give you the most cost effective mode of transportation without compromising AVG’s service to you.

Special Services

Caravan Services and Hot Shot Deliveries:
To meet tight deadlines between tradeshows, we provide caravan services to take multiple exhibitors from one show to the next using our team drivers. If you need a single booth or a additional component sent directly to a show, our small vehicle Hot Shot delivery service can meet your expedited timetable.

POP Service:
When you start rolling out your POP displays to your retailers, we can handle everything from shipping to appointments for special delivery requirements.

Smart Storage:
We offer our unique Smart Storage service through our nationwide agency network. We provide competitive pricing and easy access to your tradeshow booth with 24 hours notice.

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