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Costa|Native Eyewear
The best part of doing business with AVG is the personal service they give each customer. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We have always found Ann and her staff to be professional and readily available whenever we need them. Our relationship with AVG has proven to be a huge asset to our tradeshow program.
Costa Tradeshow Coordinator

AVG has been an extension of our tradeshow division for over 20 years and we have received exceptional service throughout. Our personal relationship with Ann and her staff has made doing business a very smooth and easy process.
DaKine Tradeshow Marketing Manager

Oculus Inc.
We have been working with AVG since 2001 and have no plans of going anywhere else. We are constantly being approached and solicited by other shipping companies, but I always tell them I am very happy with our current one, AVG Transportation.
Oculus Chief Operating Officer

Footprint Exhibits
The best part of working with AVG is the personal interaction with everyone there. Not only are they attentive, very knowledgeable and fast to respond to our needs, but they bring a personal touch with each interaction that is very rare to find.
Footprint Exhbihits Manager

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